Friday, August 23, 2013

And so the Convention Season begins!!!

The title's a little misleading, as for at least in my mine, the season never ends...but alas, my family seems to think it doesn't start until there's only a couple months away and we've lined up some horribly difficult costume that must be done so it can compete in the cosplay contest.

Anyway, that aside, I'll fill you all in on what I'm rambling about.

Every year my family goes to Anime NebrasKon in Omaha,NE. The first two years, my mom didn't go with us, she was working and not very interested in the whole thing, but since she had to make some 7ft wide bat wings, a spandex nightmare, and Mayuri from Bleach (because there's no simple way to put the trouble he was), she's decided it's worth her time to see the other incredible costumes there are at the con.

This year's line up is as follows.

Me: Hichigo Shirosaki from Bleach

My Sister Alicia(Ami): Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach

My Brother Cameron: Chernobog from Fantasia/Kingdom Hearts

My Brother Dylan: Hades from Disney's Hercules/Kingdom Hearts

My Mom: Sir Integra Hellsing from Hellsing Ultimate

MY Dad: Master Roshi from Dragon Ball Z...because that's who he always is................

To keep interested parties posted, my sister and I decided to do a series of Vlogs on our costume progress, although this video was filmed on Wednesday and we filmed another one today, I just today got the editing done for the first one. I plan to upload one every Friday to keep to a regular schedule.

Feel free to leave questions or comments either on this page or on youtube, and I may answer them in the third vlog (since like I said, the second one is already filmed)

See Ya!
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