Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Almost 10,000 Views!

Hello everyone!

So I just realized I'm at about 9,990 views! Wow, in only a few months i've hit 10,000. that's insane. anyway, I'm currently working on a few different shows, that's why i've been rather quiet lately. and most of my reviews have been short and uninciteful, it's just a matter of getting back into the rhythm of watching movies for critique instead of fun.

Anyway, I figure I'd fill everyone in on what's up, what i'm watching, what I've been doing. All that Stuff!

First off:

What I'm Watching:

1. One Piece.

At the moment I'm trying to finish up One piece, I started it about a year ago and probably 6 months ago or so I stopped watching, was in the middle of an arc that just got annoying. but Now i figure i should probably just finish it up finally, im at about 570. only about 50 more episodes to go. Not really sure how to write reviews for this show, maybe at the end of the Story Arcs. We'll see after i'm done with the Fishman island arc.

2. Dexter:

I'm finishing up the 8th and final season. I should be done with it this week. So far I like it but I've heard it has a horrible finale, I'll post a review when I'm done!

3. Hellsing, and Hellsing Ultimate:

I started the Japanese version but I found I didnt like watching the subtitles while working on other things, so I jumped to a dubbed show. I've been told the english cast is great so I'll watch it that way. review after.

4. Black Rock Shooter:

Next up after Hellsing. No idea what it's about, but I see it a lot so Why Not?

5. Glee:

Havent watched since the Finn goodbye episode, but I want to, Fox for some reason doesnt throw it onto on demand regularly, so I can't see it most of the time. shrug, Review at the end of the season

Next, What's Been up?

1. Star Wars Auditions:

Star wars 7 is looking for 2 unknowns, a male and female. Sunday a couple friends and I went to a meet and greet with the Casting Directors. from now we have to make short Audition videos. just reading the dialogue and stuff. I'm filming a few of them for friends too. I'll definitely keep you posted as I learn more.

Sunday was Mostly just waiting in line. 5 hours of standing there before I got to shake hands with the casting director, say My name and age, hand over a resume, say my acting experience, then leave. whole lot of waiting for nothing basically.

2. Weekly Game nights:

I hang out with a bunch of friends and play games once a week. that's not a huge deal, but, well, it happens!

3. RPG Comedy

I'm part of RPG Comedy. We do short form Improv shows and Murder Mystery shows. It's a pretty cool group and our shows are pretty good. We just had a show last weekend, went really well.

For more Info on RPG, Check outLike the page to follow all the shenaniganery.

Next up: What's coming up?

1. Batman Vs. Superman:

I applied for Batman Vs. Superman quite a while ago. and it's just now starting to move into the area. it's going to be shooting here for months. I really hope I get on it. As long as I dont end up in star Wars, cause let's face it, Star Wars would be amazing. Anyway, I'll update more as I learn more about the Production.

2. Cosplays:

I'm currently prepping a few Cosplays. I'm gonna settle on a few and post a full update about them as I decide. so stay Tuned!

Ok, So that's the end of the update. nothing Huge right now, just a 'what's been up' post.

I've heard a few of you say you either Bookmarked or check it every once in a while. I've yet to assemble any followers, so Go up and subscribe to this. I like to know who's following me.

And yeah, there may or may not be ads appearing randomly on here, i figure i can play with them, see if they are annoying or actually start getting me money, cuz money is cool. and if they do...then i'll update more!

anyway, comment if you read through this. and thanks for reading!
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