Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I'm Tired

Last night was filled with snow, music, and drunken idiocy. Lots of drunken idiocy. People getting tackled by cops, people nearly getting run down by irate cab drivers, people spilling beer on thousands of dollars worth of DJ equipment. Some of it was pretty funny, but a lot of it was just exasperating.

Better to discuss something else, briefly. I bought Alex the Hellsing Ultimate collections for Christmas. He loved the first HELLSING anime, and I've been telling him for years, the manga storyline was so much better. But I know even if I loan him all 10 volumes, he'll never read it. He's had my copies of all the DARK TOWER books for 5 years, and hasn't made a dent in them. As in, he hasn't even finished The Gunslinger. The only way he's going to see it, is to get to watch it as a series of short movies.

It looks pretty good. I certainly like how they worked the sillier aspects in, the times where Hirano goes to his simplified look for comedic effect. Some of the computer-generated stuff looks kind of cheap, but maybe it looked good for 2006? The two musical montage sequences during the Last Battalion invasion of England didn't work very well. The music needed to be more metal for Nazi vampires wiping out everyone in London. It was too poppy, too light for the situation.

The main issue is the pacing. The movies, especially 5 and 6, which I got to see last night, really seem to drag. Maybe because I know what's coming, or because I read fast, but the manga got to the good stuff a lot faster. But that's me. I'd ask Alex, but we keep trying to watch these at 4 in the morning, and he keep falling asleep. Maybe he'll watch them by the time I come back, and I can see what he thinks then.
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