Thursday, July 11, 2013

All these games are about to make me broke.

I don't think anyone was expecting this announcement. I wish it was a PS4 game though..

I feel like I'm being too efficient with my hobby of watching anime where I can complete a show in 2 days, that is exactly what happened with Hellsing Ultimate. I started it yesterday and now I am done like really I should do more with my day but its just so easy to sit there and absorb these shows. I love Hellsing Ultimate its one of those few anime that deal with a religious factor and it did it in a really bad ass way. I also thought for a long time that vampires were lame and pop culture really just ruined them for me but man I really wished I watched this earlier because vampires are one of the coolest things man has ever thought of. I also feel like I should of thought of nazi vampires at least once in my life like holy shit that market is so untapped to me that was an original idea which is really rare. I loved every moment of it and the visuals are stunning and gruesome which really compliment the plot and gets its point across, overall I would give Hellsing Ultimate a 9/10.

Its been a while since I really talked about video games since the summer is usually a video game drought and a time to catch up from games earlier in the year but for me the summer is the time to figure what games I'm buying later in the year. I realized that later in the year for these games I want actually starts in August which is REALLY early for my wallet. I'm glad that sony proves to be the best gaming console company with all of these PS3 exclusives coming out at the very end of the PS3 s life cycle but honestly I wish I had more money so I could buy all these games day one. I already have a list of 7 games I want for this generation of consoles and handhelds and then PlayStation has to announce a new Ratchet and Clank game for PS3 today! I was not ready for that and I am pretty excited for it since its not going to be like the last couple of Ratchet games its going back to the original style of game play in all of the the good Ratchet games. Its going to come out on PSN later this year and the best part is the price, its going to be 30 dollars! That is such a good price for a full fledged Ratchet and Clank game. With that coming out my list is now 8 games and the first one of those 8 games to come out is Tales of Xila August 6th. I really want to buy this game since I love JRPGs and the Tales series is impressive and this one looks like it has the best combat out of all of them and it has a mature story! After that I REALLY WANT to buy DRAGON'S CROWN!!!! Its an action RPG sidescroller with 6 different classes and deep RPG mechanics. The art style is beautiful and it has up to 4 player co-op, I'm not sure if I want to get it for PS3 of vita though since the Vita one will be 20 dollars cheaper so we will see. September is going to have a bulk of the games I want GTAV, Killzone on Vita and I think Tearaway comes out that month if not it will be October. Killzone is going to be my first time playing a dual analog FPS on a portable system and it looks very promising unlike Resistance and CoD on Vita. I know for a fact GTAV will be amazing an easy 9/10 or higher and Tearaway is made by Media Molecule so I am not worried. October will bring me Beyond 2 Souls which will be another for sure amazing game since I love Heavy Rain and then I get to dust off my 3DS and get myself Pokemon X&Y. I will love Pokemon till the day I die and generation 6 of Pokemon has superb Pokemon design so far, I really like the new sword Pokemon they just showed and the typing of Ghost/Steel is a brand new dual typing! So yea I have 8 games I want by the end of the year and the worst part is that doesn't include my PS4 I'm going to buy with my copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall. During the holiday season I will try to get myself WatchDogs and maybe Knack depending on the reviews. PlayStation you are going to make me poor .BTW here is a short story on the birth of the PS4! EDIT! Well shit I guess you have to right click on the bottom image and open it into a new tab in order to read the story!
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