Saturday, January 4, 2014


So to start kick off 2014 with a bang I thought I'd do something special and as the title suggests, it'll be the thirty day anime challenge which will involve a different fact opinion from my anime experience so let's get this show on the road...


I'll go in to detail in spastic areas of anime at a later date but for now we're talking General stuff... for this I'm going to say FULLMETAL ALCHEMISTS.

It was a tough choice out of probably a dozen or two series that included Angel beats, Bleach, Clannad and Saikano among several others but I finally made up my mind. FMA is arguably the perfect and. It features all the ingredients of such a series: a good plot; interesting characters and the right blend of comedy, suspense and action.

I won't go in to detail as to the plot as it is not only rarely complex but the series can be picked up from HMV for less than fifteen quid a volume and not to mention all the online streaming services.

Any long tem fan will be aware of the original anime that spawned from the manga and as such Brotherhood turned many people off due to the fact that it was a remake of the original which to many was an unnecessary remake of an already brilliant series. This is in some way the same issue as people have with Hellsing ultimate which I may or may not go into at a later date. The point is that while the original FMA adaptation was brilliant it lacked many key aspects and plot areas of the original manga simply because that it was produced alongside the manga and had some areas altered in order to avoid tedious and unnecessary filler episodes.Brotherhood was produced to create a product that stayed true to the original material but as a remake was pushed aside by some "dedicated" fans.

That concludes day one of the challenge and why FMA Brotherhood is my number one favourite anime.
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