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Anime Season Review: Psycho-Pass Season 1

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I've been slowly working my way through a couple different anime series, Black Rock Shooter and Psycho Pass. Welp I just finished up Psycho Pass. I'm trying to decide between Steins' Gate and Hellsing Ultimate for my next one. Let me know your pick below.

Review Time! There will be spoilers galore in here, so if you don't want to see them, just stop reading now!

ANIME SEASON REVIEWPsycho-Pass, Season 1


I really enjoyed the characters on this show. Kougami was an interesting and broken character through most of the show, i enjoyed how he hunted after Makishima Shougo. That being said I love shougo as a character, Calm calculating and brutal. The show was basically the cat and mouse game between these two.

Akane felt more like a bystander through a lot of the show. She served more as the audience watching the more interesting characters do their jobs. If there is a season 2, (And I hear there will be) I'd like to see her become a bit more unhinged, maybe letting her psycho pass raise a bit as the show goes on.

The rest of the characters were cool, I liked Kagari (orange haired Enforcer) and was sad when he died, yet liked that the show had the balls to go all in.

Yayoi (Black haired female enforcer, Lesbian) was interesting. I liked that the show showed her backstory, yet she had no effect over the story so it makes me wonder why the show wasted an episode on her backstory. maybe season 2 will give her something to do.

Shion (Blond Tech girl, Lesbian) was interesting. odd how they threw her in as a lesbian for basically no reason. but I enjoyed her banter with the enforcers and her hard edge personality. I'd like to see her get more to do in a season 2

And finally Ginoza and Masaoka. I really liked their dichotomy. the fact that Ginoza had disowned his own father when he became a latent criminal and how he ends up one himself. Ultimately I liked how Masaoka went out and it finally gave Ginoza a reason to respect his father. I'm looking forward to seeing how Ginoza shapes up as an enforcer.


Overall I liked how Psycho Pass played out. I was more interested in it through the first half of it, when they were establishing the rules of the Sybil system and the Dominators. The balance of power between the Enforcers and Inspectors and that kind of thing.

As the story unfolded and they revealed Sybil's true form I was a little disappointed. I mean, here I'm expecting a super computer or something and instead it's brains of people who cant be scanned by the system. Ok, I understand why, but what logistical sense is that giant mechanism. why are you unplugging and moving brains in boxes around? just to have some movement in the shot? it just seemed like an after thought after the very solid first half of the series.

I like Makishima Shougo's plan in the first 3/4 of the series, he was in the shadows and making other people do his dirty work. then he gave out the helmets, which was a brilliant little story arc. but then he decides to go into bioterrorism for some reason? why? where did that fit in with the rest of the show? the grain fields were in complete contrast to the dark and brooding world that was created in the beginning. ultimately just a disappointing ending.

The Sybil System contacting Akane felt unneeded. I know it set up the possibility of having a dominator with no safety and always stun, but it wasn't fired once. no one got hit with it. why was it there if it was never going to be used?


The animation was beautiful. Like Blade Runner and Other Cyber punk series. the character designs were distinguishable and I was very impressed by the various technologies and ideas.

A personal favorite was the use of holograms in the series. yet they gave up on it in the last half. I'd love to see more of that kind of tech instead of just cat and mouse and brains in cubes.


I really enjoyed 80% of this show. It had a lot of potential but the final act of the season was completely devoid of the intrigue that I felt in the first half. Hopefully the second season clears up my gripes.


Great start, great animation, great characters, Lame finale

So, another Anime review down. Feel free to share this all you want. and comment with a series you'd like me to watch.
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